Lifecare, Nursing & Healthcare

Attleboro Nursing Home
Attleboro Retirement Village
Bethany Village
Brandywine Hospital
The Brunswick at Longstown
The Brunswick at Attleboro
Colonial Manor
Forest Park
Gilliand Manor House
Gwynedd Square Center
The Glen at Willow Valley Manor North
Hanover Hall
Heatherbank Nursing Home
Highlands at Wyomissing
Lancashire Hall Nursing Home
Lancashire Terrace Retirement Village
   and Personal Care
Lancaster General Hospital
     • Executive Suite 2006, 2007
Employee Services 2006, 2007
Seventh & Eigth Floor 2006      
Day Surgery
     • James Street Lobby
        (Furniture, Accessories
         & Architectural Art) 2005
     • Holiday Décor 2005-2006
Maple Farms Nursing Center
Masonic Villages
     • Independent Living Community
     • Facility Remodeling Phase I, II, & III
     • Village Green Apartments
     • Washington Bldg. 2004
     • Roosevelt Bldg. 2005
     • Ben Franklin Bldg. 2006
     • Eisenlohr Bldg. 2006
     • Brown Apartments 2006
     • Goodyear Bldg. 2006
     • Memorial Hall 2006
     • Buchannan Elevator Lobbies 2006
     • Clinics Building 2007, 2008
     • Dallas Apartments 2007
     • Dallas Clubhouse 2008
Paxson House
Riddle Village
Sisters of Mercy Healthcare Facility
Spring Hills Corporation
     • Gables at Lake Mary 2007, 2008
     • Gables at Hunter's Creek 2007,        2008
Surgical Center of Chester County
Sycamore Manor
The Willough at Naples
Ware Mansion
Westminster Village
Willow Valley Lakes Manor
Willow Valley Lakes Manor
Renovations 1997/1998
     • Renovations 2007/2008
     • Medical Center
Willow Valley Manor 1982
Willow Valley Manor Renovations 1995
Willow Valley Manor Renovations 2007
Willow Valley Manor North
Willow Valley Manor North
     • Garden Apartments
Willow Valley Manor North
     • Dining Room Renovations 2001
     • Residential Public Spaces
     • Renovations 2004
     • Core Public Spaces
     • Renovations 2004
Willow Valley Spring Run 2004
Windsor Park Manor
Wyomissing Lodge
Institutional & Educational

Anderson Sports Complex at
Bloomsburg College
     • Kehr Union Building
Brecknock Elementary School
Burrowes Elementary School
Sports/Theater Complex
College Misercordia Dormitory
Coopersburg School Apartments
Covenant United Methodist Church
Carlisle Community Recreation Center
Carter – MacRae Elementary School
Christopher Dock High School
Elizabethtown College
     • Carlos. R. Leffler Chapel and        Auditorium
     • High Library
     • Business Administration &
       Elizabethtown College Zug Building
Franklin & Marshall Squash Courts
Franklin & Marshall Advancement
     • Squash Court 2007
Lancaster Mennonite High School
     • Academic Building 2007
Center for Sports and Fitness
     • Music Department
       at Zug Memorial Bldg.
     • Dining Room Addition
     • Performing Arts Center
Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society
Hamilton Elementary School
Messiah College
     • Sollenberger Gymnasium and        Natatorium
Mount Vernon Mennonite Church
Parish Resource Center
Wedding Chapel at Willow Valley
Wheatland Junior High School
Corporate Offices

Bank of Lancaster County
Bank of Lebanon County
Bulova Technologies,LLC
Caldwell, Heckles & Egan
Cleanburn Inc.
Concord Partners
Conestoga Title Insurance Company
Denver and Ephrata
  Telephone & Telegraph Company
  (Brossman Business Complex)
Derck and Edson Associates,
   Landscape Architects and Designers
Dr. John Wierbach Prosthodontist &
  Advanced Restorative Dentistry
E. B. Abel Construction, Inc.
Fairchild Industries
Gingrich Stoudt Insurance Company
Heritage Travel
Hershey and Gibble, MGA
Herr Foods, Inc.
High Industries, Inc.
Housing Development Corporation
Kirchoff Heating and Electrical
Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and
     • Southern Market Building
Lancaster General Hospital
     • Executive Suites
     • Employee Services
Lancaster Neurological Association
Lancaster Plastic and Reconstructive
Lemans Group - Philadelphia
Old Guard Insurance
Old Main Building - Messiah College
Murray Insurance
     • Lancaster and Quarryville Offices
Markley Actuarial
North Pointe II - Office Building
Paul Risk Associates, Inc.
Pinnacle Mortgage Investment
Producer's Supply
Rising Sun National Bank
Rhoda & Nast, Attn. Corporate Office
Southern Market Building
  Lancaster Visitors'Center &
  City Council Chambers
Susquehanna Compensation
Teacher’s Protective Life Insurance
TriStarr Corporate Office
Wilbur Chocolate Corporate Offices
Wilmac Corporation Offices
Willow Valley Associates Corporate
Zimmerman, Pfannebecker & Nuffort

Adelphia Resturant
American Music Theater
Brunswick Hotel Banquet Hall
Greenfield Inn
Le Souperb
Miller's Bakery & Deli
Miller's Smorgasbord
Mill Stream Motor Lodge
Sandy Cove Inn and Conference   Center
Sheraton Potomac Hotel
Smorgasbord at Willow Valley
     • Family Restaurant
     • Regent’s Glen
Terrace Smorgasbord at Willow Valley
The Boxhill Club at Regent’s Glen
The Visitor Information Center at
   Regent’s Glen
Willow Valley Inn & Convention Center
     • Renovations to Palm Court, 2006
Renovations to Guestrooms &
       Corridors, 1997
     • Renovations to Smorgasbord, 1996
     • Renovations to Terrace Dining

Gast Motor Cars
Good & Good Clothier
Herr Foods Visitors' Center
Krown Kitchens
Lancaster Graphics
Miller's Smorgasbord Gift Shop
Plain & Fancy Gift Shop
Pro Shop at Regent’s Glen
Provident Bookstores
  Lancaster, New Holland, Lancaster
  Shopping Center and Park City Center
Self Help
Sir Speedy
Toy Train Museum
West Chester Electric
Willow Valley Car Museum
Willow Valley Family Resort &
  Conference Center Gift Shop

Mr. Ed Abel
Dr. & Mrs. Ward Barr
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Frey
Dr. & Mrs. Dan Good
Mr. & Mrs. W. L. Gore
Mr. & Mrs. Carlysle Gray
Dr. & Mrs. Barton Halpern
Mr. & Mrs. J. M. Herr
Mr. Robert Hershey
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Keating
Dr. & Mrs. Madani
Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Nuffort
Dr. & Mrs. James O'Niell
Dr. & Mrs. John Paul
Mr. & Mrs. Perry Saunders
Dr. & Mrs. William Spitler
Mr. & Mrs. Marlin Thomas 1990,07,08
Mr. & Mrs. William David Barr 2007
Single Family, Cluster and High-rise
  units at Regent’s Glen
Willow Valley Condominiums
  Model Homes
Williow Valley Gables
Old Towne Lancaster
Model Homes for Regent’s Glen
Visitor’s Center for Regent’s Glen
Restorations & Renovations

Mr. & Mrs.William David Barr
Boxhill Mansion at Regent’s Glen
Carter-MacRae Elementary School
Mr. & Mrs. John Davis
Eastern Market - Lancaster
Mr. & Mrs. John Hartman
Old Town Alexandria, Virginia
  Personal Residences,
  Four Townhouses
Old Town Lancaster
  106 Custom Designed Homes
Paxson House
Shippen Street Townhouse
Southern Market - Lancaster
Ware Mansion
William Pieper Mansion
DFI Corporate Office 2007, 2008
Grand at Pleasure Point
   St. Michael's Maryland 2004 - 2008
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